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About Us

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About Us

After several years of cooperation and experience in manufacturing , trade and finance, we have decided that dedicate our experiences and knowledge in the service.

In this regard, Mehr Rustin Trading Development LTD was established and registered under the number of 444767, with gathering of high qualified and skilled shareholders in Industry (manufacturing and services) , Trade and International Relation , affairs and Financial Investment


In the case of Industry, Bringing new technologies and new ways of processing especially in mining is what we are focused on.

In the case on Business Administration and International Relations, we are thinking of establish a true and fine relationship between sellers and buyers, import and export all legals goods and commodities, obtaining and granting agency.


Direct Manager

Mr. Ali Lavaei

Cell: +98 912 171 4029


Mr. Shahrokh Haddadmardani

Cell: +98 912 116 9904